Guided Tours

Travel With Franz

We at A&F TOUR TRAVEL have made travel not only our passion but our life! I started my travels soon after I graduated and, as I could not afford as much travel as I wanted, I went to work in different countries in the hotel industry and later joined cruise lines. I have therefore traveled extensively since 1988, both for work and for leisure as well!

Over the last few years, my travel has mostly been scouting for new unique destinations. As of today I have visited 74 countries!

Celebrating 15 Years and over 100 000 clients of A&F Tour Travel

We have served since 1999, and today we would like to start a new chapter for our clients. So many of our guests and clients have become our good friends over the years.

Exclusive Group Tours

These are small exclusive group tours that strive to discover unique destinations around the world. Our first 3 tours of 2016 are limited to 14 guests only, along with Franz as the guide of course.

Together we will discover Tibet with its Mount Kalish in October 2016.

There will be a tour which starts in Katmandu and goes on to Lhasa, and then one starts in Lhasa and finishes in Katmandu

A visit to the Australian wine Country from 5 – 12 January 2017—stay tuned for details which will come soon

We want to bring Europe closer to our friends from Asia and USA

Budapest – Bratislava – Vienna – Liubljana – Zagreb – Dubrovenic in April of 2017 . Details will be forthcoming soon.