Since this place is peaceful with fewer crowds and is filled with beauty, serenity and tranquility. This tour is crafted mostly on weekends and there you encounter Thai people. If you are interested in agriculture then, we recommend that this tour will be more inquisitive for you.

  • In a 1.5-2 hours drive from Bangkok you will easily discover why Bangkok was called the Venice of the East by the first European visitors.
  • At the start of the journey, your first stop is at the pier where you will get into a long tail boat where you will see hundreds of large catfishes and can also buy fish food and feed them while waiting.

Our first stop is a Lotus Pond where we will change from boat to paddle boat and after reaching to the pond you will find a serene, soothing and beautiful place where you can learn about Lotus Farming and from there we will continue to a GAC Fruit Farm. These fruits provide you amazing health benefits and you can also learn how to make juice out of them!

  • From there we will continue to a little market which operates on weekends only and there you will also find small cooking demonstrations on how to make rice crackers and also lots of different food items are on offer during the weekends.
  • Then, we move to Orchid Farm and there you can see spellbind flowers and why they are called Symbol of Thailand. From there we continue our journey by boat to a Fruit Orchard which is popular for Mangoes, Pomelos, Tamarind and a rice farm.

You will also get a favorable chance to taste the fruits and then a short ride on a tractor along the orchard and fields. From there you can visit the nearest large local market and have a lunch. You can also do some shopping for you and your family before returning to Bangkok.

Ready. Set. Go!